When I Turn Old 当我老了

◆When I turn old, I am not the original me: Please understand me and have patience with me.

◆When I drip gravy all over my clothes, when I forget to tie my shoelaces: Please remember how I taught you what not to do, and how to do many things by hand.

◆When I repeatedly tell you things that youre tired of hearing: please be patient and listen to me. Please dont interrupt me. When you were young, I told you the same story over and over again until you were sound asleep.

◆When I need you to help me bathe: Please dont scold me. Do you still remember how when you were small I had to coax you to have a bath?

◆When I dont understand new technology: Please dont laugh at me or mock me. Please think how I used to be so patient with you to answer your every why.

◆When my two legs are tired and I cannot walk anymore: Please stretch out your powerful hands to lend me a hand, just like when you were a baby learning to walk I held both your hands.

◆When I suddenly forget what subject we are discussing: Please give me a little time to recollect. Actually, it does not matter what we are talk about; as long as you are by my side, I am so contented and happy already.

◆When you see the old me, please dont be sad: Please understand me and support me, just like how I was with you when you were young and were just learning to face life. At the beginning, I guided you to the path of life. Now I ask you to keep me company to finish this last leg of my life. Give me your love and patience, I will give you a grateful smile, and crystallized in this smile is my endless love for you.














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